Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day & Anniversary

Bella chatting on the phone
I got Brad Paisley tickets for mother's day, I can't wait!!! June 12
My blue eyed boys
9 year anniversary at Firebirds restaurant, it was so romantic, they had this guy playing music. It was so fun & I can't believe it's been 9yrs that me & Ryan have been married. Time flies way too fast!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Our picnic at the park

It was such a nice day for a picnic, so I brought out our picnic basket that we've used like twice before this (I've had it for 9yrs) Gabriel thought it was so cool & wanted to throw everything we had in our kitchen in it. Gabriel & Bella rolled up in his Jeep, there wasn't enough room for me so I had to walk. The kids raced eachother on the grass since the playground was already too hot for them to play on. These beautiful days are numbered here in arizona.

I can't believe how big Gabriel looks!
Photo taken by Gabriel, he love's to take pictures
My sweet angel

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Lake

Our saturday's will be spent here at the lake, well if were not too busy with work. We love to come and hang out on the lake all day. Gabriel love's to go fishing, Bella & I love the junk food & the scenery. Ryan love's to drive the boat, he forgets he has his two little kids in the boat sometimes and goes way too fast, at least I think so. He says he has to cuz Gabriel tells him "Go super fast daddy!" I don't know if Gabriel love's the speed so much cuz he'll sit under the dashboard the whole time. The lake is our getaway from everything & everybody.
We just moved from Queen Creek to Chandler & are finally getting settled. I absolutely hate moving!!! I love that were closer to the business & everything which is so nice cuz now were home more.

This is Gabriel's & Bella's favorite spot, they call it the beach.
Building a dam, it was pretty big when they were done.
I went to Utah for the Salt Lake 1/2 marathon. I ran with Rosa. It was so fun & beautiful! So different than running here in flat AZ. I beat my last time 2:03.yea!