Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fishing at the park

A perfect day to play at the park. Ryan said you can't do this in Utah, play outside right after christmas with jackets. I love this time of year, it's beautiful.
Gabriel love's to go fishing. They didn't catch anything but it was a lot of fun & we did see a bunch of fish.

Taking a stroll around the lake. He's pretty fast on his scooter, he was going down the hill & lost control, fell off & his scooter went straight for the lake luckily Ryan caught it before it went in the lake.
These two can stay at the park all day, they never get tired of it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Merry Christmas

My beautiful Bella. She love's taking pictures.
I guess Gabriel had an itch. Haha classic!


Christmas Eve at my mom's house.
Gabriel didn't want to take a picture.
Christmas morning the kids were still asleep at 8 so me & ryan were so excited that we woke them up, they were so happy. Gabriel had been waiting all month for this day. Once Gabriel was done unwrapping his presents he was looking for more.

We played with all the toys till about 3pm then went to my mom's house.

Bella watching the boat parade, the boats were all covered in christmas lights going down Tempe lake. It was pretty fun. We had front row & the kids loved it.

They also got to see santa but Bella wouldn't get within 10ft. of him without screaming. As you can see Gabriel wasn't too happy sitting with santa.

Gabriel writing a letter to santa.

Bella's Dance class

Bella love's her dance class.

Bella at her dance class. The teacher brought these outfits for them to wear for the day. They thought they were so pretty.