Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Birthday

My 28th birthday! My cake was all lite up, I definetly don't feel 28. It was a good day, Ryan took the day off & he gave me the day off too he made me breakfast, waffles my favorite yummy! Ryan kept telling me how beautiful I was the whole day, I think he didn't want me to feel bad about my age. It didn't bother me like I thought it would, maybe next year I might shed some tears.Haha. We went hiking, dinner at Olive Garden (also my favorite) & hung out at the bowling alley.Ryan & Moy played pool & played video games. It was a good time. I hope my next birthday doesn't come too fast.

Beautiful ladies!
Me & Elise
My Love

Hiking on my b-day

We went hiking on my birthday to San Tan flats, it was a 2mile hike. It was so beautiful, a perfect day for this. The kids loved it, they collected the rocks & sticks along the way. They made it half way, the last of it we carried them. Bella fell asleep in my arms so it was dead weight but it was fun.

Resting after the first mile.

Gabriel found a walking stick.

They are so loveable sometimes.

Abuelo's Birthday Party

Abuelo's 80th b-day party, we had at El Zocalo. It was good times, yummy food, music & all the family.

He sang with the mariachi band, it was so cute. He sang all night.
My mom, aunts & uncle's.
Me & my little bro Gabe
Bella had a ball dancing to the music, she's my little dancer.