Friday, September 4, 2009

What we are up to

So football season has started already and you know how much Ryan love's the Dolphins so this is one sunday where they were all in their football jersey's watching the game. "This is the year" Ryan tells me, he's said this every year since I have met him(12years) I hope this year really is the year. Jeremiah is 7 1/2 months old already! He's crawling everywhere, he's been doing it for about 3weeks now. He's so content now that he can get around and explore.

I am teaching myself to play guitar, I can play Jingle Bells, I love it! I wish I had more time to practice but between my three kids, Ryan and other things going on it's hard to find the time. I also bought a violin so I can take lesson's but I haven't started yet. I used to play when I was younger and I want my kids to play an instrument so I thought if they see me they will want to.

This is Jeremiah so happy he finally pulled himself up on this chair after a week of trying he did it!