Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our weekend adventure

On august 12-15th we went to California. Ryan had a business meeting on the 12th in San Diego and asked me if I wanted to go with him, I told him yes "only if you turn your cell phone off and you don't take your laptop" you see if you ever spend time with him then you'll know that his cell phone is constantly going off and he checks his emails way too much, it drive's me craaaazzyyy! Well he did turn off his phone and used his laptop once because he said he had to check on orders which I was understanding of. We left the kids home with my parents(who I am so grateful for)and I flew in to LA on thursday night and Ryan picked me up. We had so much fun and I have to say no cellphone was absolutely awesome! I loved it and I got a 100% of Ryan's attention. It was so nice to have conversations uninterrupted by the cellphone or our beautiful kids. It was amazing to reconnect. We didn't ever argue once! which is so great, it felt like we were dating again, the excitement of being with eachother, I kinda forget when I'm in my everyday life of being married for 11years with three kids. We went to SIX FLAGS and had the best time! It wasn't busy at all, when the gates opened we were like little kids and ran to the X2(which is the best rollarcoaster!) and so did a bunch of other people it was pretty funny. We rode the rollarcoasters over and over till we couldn't walk anymore, we were so tired. We passed out as soon as our heads hit the pillow. We ate breakfast every morning at the hotels restaurant and it was just so great to have those conversations and really just be able to listen to eachother with nobody interuppting us. We also went to the Huntington Library which was incredibly beautiful! So much to see, it was a museum with beautiful gardens, we spent all day there. We also went to the Griffith Observatory an astronomy museum. They had these huge telescopes to look at the moon it was really cool. We finished our trip with a beach stop which was a little chilly but we did see a lot of dolphins jumping so spectacular! I really enjoyed our little getaway and I can't wait for the next one to fall all over in love with my man. Love ya babe!

Griffith Observatory

I got to sit with Albert Einstein

I loved this statue at the Huntington Library, they had tonz of beautiful statue's.

Friday, September 10, 2010

~This is dedicated to the one I love~ Happy 7th Birthday Gabriel!

Today is Gabriel's 7th birthday, I seriously can't believe it! My baby is 7! He has been counting down the weeks for this day. Yesturday when he got home from school he went around the house and collected pictures from when he was a baby and was showing them to me (I love to look at the pictures of him when he was a baby) I asked him how he felt now that he was gonna be 7. His repy was "I don't want to get big mommy I want to be little forever" I think I kinda rubbed off on him cause I don't look forward to their birthdays, they come way too fast and I hate the fact that they grow up so quickly.
Last night I did the usual routine(the night before their birthdays I tell them the story of their birth) and Gabriel and Bella were just laughing at the story, especially the part when Ryan almost passed out from the epidural. They love listening to their stories of when they were born and I always get all teary eyed because I'm a baby. Then I said my last goodnight to my six year old and took his picture after he fell asleep.
This morning he woke up and Ryan made him his favorite breakfast, Rollups. He opened his presents, then off to school. When he walked into his classroom the teacher and all the other kids started singing happy birthday to him, he was a little embarrased, but I thought that was so cute they did that! We took him to lunch at El Sol for his lunch break. And later today when he gets home from school I'm not sure what he wants to do, bowling or chuckecheeses.

Gabriel looove's the army, soldiers, guns! I think he love's it more so now that his friend "Johnny" just left to afganistan(??)
Gabriel looove's to fish!

I caught him meditating,haha! I think he got this from a movie. He also love's skateboarding, riding his bike, playing soccer, football watching football(like his dad), swimming, love's legos and movie's He walks around with such a great attitude(of course not all the time) he's all about keeping the earth clean and picks up trash off the ground when we are walking into the store or at the park. Yesturday he saw someone throw a piece of paper out the window and pointed it out to me and said "that is very bad mom." Gabriel is healthy concious and doesn't drink soda ever! he says it's poison(he gets that from me and my mom but I still drink soda every once in awhile,I'm not as strong as him) and he is always looking at labels to see if the food has too much sugar, he's so funny! He's always on the go. Never a dull moment with him.

Every once in awhile I will see a glimpse of the past. Gabriel carried around one of these cats since he was a baby and one time we lost it,which was devastating for him I think he was maybe 1 1/2years old, so I was lucky to find them and I bought four just in case we lost anymore. He doesn't carry them around anymore and hasn't for years but every once in awhile he will pull them out and sleep with them.
I am so lucky to have him in my life, he is the sweetest little boy. I will never get tired of hearing him tell me every single day: "Mommy guess how much I love you or I love you because..." He melts my heart and make's me laugh everyday with showing me his new dance move's that he makes up, his latest was the rattlesnake dance haha! Happy Birthday Gabriel! I love you with all of my soul. MUAH!!!