Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bella Never Grow Up... The Big 5

November 15th was Bella's birthday and we had a blast. First off the night before I told Bella about the day she was born and she is so full of questions(more so than Gabriel ever was at 5 years old) This is how the conversation went after I told her the story: Bella- "Mommy how did they get me out of your tummy?" I thought to myself well she was a c-section so I can tell her how the doctors took her out. So I responded: "The doctors cut my stomach open and took you out" Bella: "How did they cut your stomach open?"

Me:"With a small knife called a scalpo" and I showed her the scar. Then I looked up at her cute little face and her chin was quivering and she had a frown and was trying to hold her tears in and said "Mommy I don't want them to do that to me!" Me:"Bella don't even worry about that, they aren't going to do that to you" Bella:"Yes they are when I get bigger and become a mommy!" and then the tears rolled down her cheek. I guess it was too much information for her genius little mind. It took a hug and a tickle attack to calm her down and forget about it. Then I tucked her in and said goodnight to my four year old :( I snapped her picture after she fell asleep.

Bella was insistent on wearing her purple dressup dress out to her birthday dinner because she wanted to be fancy. So I told her she needed to wear pants and a shirt so this is what she came up with. She added the lace's to her shoes. We went to the cheesecake factory,her choice because she wanted to eat at a "fancy place." I even offered chucke cheeses or peter piper pizza but she declined.
This picture makes me cry everytime I see it because they look so big. I don't know how they got so big so fast.

After we dropped Gabriel off at school and put Jeremiah down for a nap(she skipped school) I curled her hair and I put on Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber and she danced and sang for me and I video recorded her and took pictures. I pretended it was a concert and I was introducing her and she wanted me to introduce her as Taylor Swift, the ottoman was her stage and she was dancing on it and fell backwards and got stuck between the tv and ottoman upside down, it was the funniest thing, I got it on video and I have a picture of her legs sticking up in the air but her panties are showing so I didn't post it. She was laughing at first but then the laughing turned into tears. So everytime we watch it she gets embarressed and cries.

Bella got Taylor Swift CD for her birthday and we were listening to it and this song came on that brought tears to my eyes(I cry a lot) it's called Never Grow Up and it was the perfect song for how I was feeling about my baby girl turning 5. The first part goes like this:
"Your little hands wrapped around my finger and it's so quiet in the world tonight, your little eyelids flutter cause you're dreaming so I tuck you in, turn on your favorite night light. To you everything is funny, you got nothing to regret. I'd give all I have honey if you could stay like that. Oh darling don't you every grow up just stay this little. It could stay this simple. I won't let nobody hurt you, won't let no one break your heart and no one will desert you. just try to never grow up." the rest of the song is really sweet too.
I still can't believe she is 5, this little girl is so fun to be around and I am so lucky to be her mom. Happy Birthday Bells!


The Big 5

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bella's 5th birthday party

We had Bella's birthday party a couple of days before her birthday. It was a fancy nancy birthday tea party. We had a makeup table where I put glitter eyeshadow,lipgloss,nailpolish & glitter on the girls,they thought this was so fun. Then I had a boutique where they got to go shopping and pick out a boa,sunglasses,necklace & a ring. They played freeze dance, pin the tiara on the princess & they decorted tiara's. I also set up a sundae bar with a lot of goodies. I had fun planning the party, a lot of work but it was so fun and Bella thought it was so fun to help set up the tables, she organized the makeup table and decorated it.

Halloween 2010

Halloween was a lot of fun! Gabriel and Bella dressed up as three different thing this year. We went to the Chandler City party and Bella went as Jasmin and Gabriel went as a punk rocker. We went to a haunted house they had, it was really short but scary for the kids. I held Bella and she hid her face in my shoulder and didn't look up once. I didn't want her to see it because it was pretty scary. Gabriel walked through with Sammi like nothing. I thought for sure he would run to me but he just walked through, he did jump at times. No nightmares that night so it was good. For our church party they dressed up as Rainbow brite and a power ranger. My mom made the leggings and arm warmers for her and I made the dress from one of my old shirts. She told me she wanted to be rainbow girl so I showed her rainbow brite and so that's what she wanted to be. Everyone loved her costume and knew exactly who she was.

Costume #3. Vampire and Death. Bella begged me to be a vampire. I wanted her to wear her cute Rainbow Brite but she really wanted to be a Vampire so this is what she wore for Halloween. The kids had so much fun trickortreating. Gabriel took off with his cousins and Bella and Jeremiah stayed with me and Ryan. Jeremiah was so cute and got the hang of it. He would walk right up to the door hold his bag up and say "Twick or Tweet" so dang cute! He loved it.

Punk Rockers, it was fun putting our outfits together.

I'm to sexy for this song 10-21-2010

Bella love's love's to play dressup, you come over to my house and by the time you leave she will probally have changed at least 3-5 times by the time you leave. She's always asking me to dressup with her and I absolutely love it, wish that's all I could do everyday, just play. So I put the song "Catwalk" on, not sure what it's called but it was popular when I was young. It's the one that goes "I'm too sexy for my shirt, I'm a model you know what I mean and I shake my little toosh on the catwalk. " Well my kids loooved it and we had fun walking down the catwalk, pretending we were models doing our little walk. The boys got into it and were dancing. We played that song over and over I don't know how many times we played it but it was a blast.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our trip to BeaUtiFUl UTAH

We went to Utah for the kids fall break in october, it was kinda last minute. We didn't have anything planned so we decided to go see the family in Utah. The kids were so excited. Ryan went hunting with his brothers and dad the weekend that we got there and he had a lot of fun. Me and the kids stayed with my mother in law and hung out with the family. When Ryan returned he let me go hang out with the girls(Mika and Tina/Preggo) and we went shopping of course to Park City,had dinner then went to a movie(I don't know why I didn't take pictures).we totally made Tina over do it cause she had to go get an IV the next day.Sorry Tina! but it was so much fun! I looooove love them and I miss them so incredibly bad.
We went to the Riverton Park, the weather was gorgeous. the kids had a blast.

Chucke cheese's with the Bullock family.The kids found a machine that kept on spitting out tickets from just pushing a button so they sat there and took turns and got a ton of tickets so they all got good prize's. We definetly got our money's worth.

Bella & Yari=Isabella=BFF
They totally loved eachother! I wish we were closer they played so good together.

Tina invited us on her family tradition of going to the pumpkin patch. It was kinda hot which is weird for October Utah weather. The kids got wheelbarrow rides from the guys, they had fun raoming up and down the pumpkin patch. We didn't leave without three little pumpkins.

We went to Temple Square, we went and watched the new family movie where they take you into different rooms and show you different clips about families being together forever, it was really beautiful made me cry even. We also took a tour of the conference center. It was really interesting to learn about all the art in the building. We ended up getting a parking ticked because we went 11minutes over our meter. $15 but we had so much fun being together.

Can't forget the leaves! My kids had so much fun with this, they don't get to do this at home. They threw and threw the leaves. I was taking the pictures and Jeremiah walked over with a handful of leaves and threw them at me, then of course Gabriel and Bella do the same thing. It was so fun and so perfect!