Friday, June 20, 2008


Julianne Hough
Chuck Wick
This was the best time EVER!!! It seemed like such a long time up to the night of the concert, I felt like a little kid waiting for christmas. It was so worth the wait. The concert started at 7:30pm, we got there a little after 6:30. They had all kinds of booths & radio stations. That's where I got the Brad Paisley hat. We also bought two bottles of water that cost $10, I've never spent so much on water but I'll tell you it was good water! We were at the booth of one of the radio stations where they were doing kareoke(??) & I had to go to the bathroom so when I came out Ryan said "I think one of the
girl singers you like was just here(at the radio station) after figuring out it was Julianne Hough. I asked him if he took a picture of her cuz he was really close & he didn't! He was star struck & didn't even think about it. The show was awesome, it started with Julianne Hough, Chuck Wick then the amazing Jewel that everybody love's. She was so beautiful & funny, Ryan said he was in love. So when taking picture's of these three my batteries died in my camera but not too worry I brought extra batteries... I put them in & they were dead too! I wasn't gonna let anything ruin my night so I said oh
well can't do anything about it. Ryan went to go see if anyone was selling them, while he was gone one of the workers came up to me & said "When your boyfriend comes back you guys can move closer to the stage, we have some open seats." I was ecstatic!!! Ryan came back & saw me smiling from ear to ear( he thought I found some batteries) So we got to move closer. It was such an awesome show,so much to look at, my picture's don't do justice, I had to turn my camera on hurry & take a picture before it turned off so they aren't the best. That was the most fun I've had
in awhile. I sang all the songs with Brad Paisley along with the rest of the crowd.

We didn't know we were low on batteries here.

Indio Cont.

We went hiking in Palm Springs(just 30min. from Indio), it was really pretty your driving in the desert then all of the sudden there's tonz of palm tree's, an oasis. It was so gorgeous! We saw a lot of lizards, my little brother spotted a huge one, we saw birds. On the second trail we were going to go on I saw two rattlesnakes which I freaked out about, they were 3 feet away from me so I told everyone that we had to go. They were both sleeping but still it was scary. Ryan, my dad & the kids were all standing around them taking picture's & Gabriel being the boy that he is threw a rock at them, luckily he missed! That trail was a habitat for rattlesnakes so we decided not to go on that trail, the park rangers said they would not harm us as long as we didn't bother them but we still decided not go. I absolutely hate snakes. We had so much fun hiking, Ryan & Gabriel fell in the water jumping from one rock to another. There was so much to look at, we didn't mind the 100 degree temp we had a lot of water with us. It was nice to getaway for the weekend. I can't wait for our next vacation, hopefully it's longer. Were planning to go to Utah for the 24th of July, I can't wait!

Ryan getting ready to BBQ some steaks. We had a great view on the patio at the resort. We would come out here at night & in the morning, it was beautiful.

Indio Continued

Soak City. My little brother Gabe was there but he's 13 & was off by himself. After being there all day we(the adults) were ready to go but the kids could have stayed all night, luckily they closed at 5pm. So we went back to the condo & relaxed.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our weekend getaway to Indio, CA

We took a weekend trip with my parents & my little brother to Indo, CA. It was nice to getaway.
We went to Knotts Berry Soak City, it was a blast! The kids loved the waterslides, Gabriel wanted to go on all of them but he was too small for some of the bigger one's, he was a little bummed out but I told him we would come back when he was bigger & that seemed to make him feel a little better. They had this big beach house with a bunch of waterslides for the kids & at the very top was this huge pail that filled up with water & when it was full it dumped over the beach house & it was cold water!!! It didn't matter if you were underneath anything you still would get soaking wet. Bella absolutely hated it & was screaming at the top of her lungs, Gabriel didn't like it either cuz it was cold, other than that they loved it.

The Beach House
Lounging in the lazy river with grandpa.
Ryan's crazy, this looked so scary. Gabriel wanted to go on this slide but he was too short.

Monday, June 9, 2008

My little angels

Gabriel is in karate & he love's it, I was really nervous at first because he so shy & doesn't like to do anything without us right there. The first couple of times were hard for him, he just mostly sat back and watched and Ryan had to get up with him. Now after a month he love's it and has a ton of fun. I love it too because he's starting to behave better, he still has his tantrums but they are less than before and he'll clean his room without having me ask him too!
Bella had her recital May 31, I don't have any pictures because they didn't allow it, I don't know why. Anyways Ryan was too far back to get any good ones, he recorded it so I'll see if I can get some pictures from that and post them later. She was so excited, she was 3rd so when she saw the two dances ahead of her she kept telling me "Mommy I want to dance out there!"(on the stage) it was so cute how excited she was. When we got out there she did her little dance, didn't even care about the people watching. I thought it was so sweet & I was so proud of her, I was on stage with her & so were the other moms with their girls. I think I was more nervous being in front of all the people. I am so excited for her next recital!

Gabriel 2nd from the left doing Kamsa.
Bella on stage after the recital
Her proud dad
Playing around with the camera
Photo taken by Gabriel, my little photographer