Saturday, July 24, 2010

My kindergarten graduate

My handsome boy graduated from kindergarten! I can't believe it! When I dropped him off for his last day of school I had to fight the tears because time has gone way too fast and I can't believe he is going on to 1st grade. He had a graduation program which was so fun and cute to watch him sing the songs and they called him up to get his diploma and medal. When they called him up they said his favorite subject in school is recess and that he wanted to be a dad when he grew up. I am so proud of him and I am so grateful to have him in my life, he teaches me new things everyday and I love his endless hugs and kisses and his ever so forgiving little spirit, he has to forgive me more than I want him too. I just love this little man! He is the love of my life.

This is my little goofball, he is always making me laugh!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My love for the library...

Today I went to the library trying to find a book on parenting(after trying to hold the book online I couldn't remember my password for the life of me) This is the first time I have gone in a long time by myself, I take the kids all the time and go straight to the childrens area. I walk in the library, the adult section and looked at all the isle's and numbers and kinda drew a blank as to how I'm gonna find the book haha! just for a split second I was a little confused but then I remembered to go to the librarian and she could help me. She looked it up and they didn't have it and she put it on hold for me. I wanted to look for some decorating books and found the library catalog and looked up the books, wrote the number 747 on the little piece of paper next to the library catalog and went to look for the books. 747 was where I found them and I started looking through all these books on cooking, home decorating, fashion, sewing, do-it-your self books. I fell in love with the library all over again. I used to love the library as a child and went there all the time. So it totally brought back memories and I am definelty gonna go back and spend more time there. I love to curl up on a comfy couch with a good book and have a little escape from reality. It's a good thing. I l came home and told Ryan about my experience and he just called me a nerd :) I love him

Friday, July 2, 2010

Another season of T-ball

Gabriel did another season of T-ball, he's getting better at it and he only hit off the Tee maybe 2 times the whole season. It was nice to look forward to go to his games on saturday. He really loved it and would get all into the game, sliding to the bases and diving to get the balls. It's so fun to watch him get better as time went on. We had a lot of fun this season.
He jumped in the air at an attempt to catch the ball, it went in his glove but bounced out. I was just so excited that he jumped for it, it was so cute.

So determined to hit the ball.

Bella's first karaoke

Bella and I went to karaoke night April 8,2010 at El Rico's Restaurant for our date night. I try to take the kids out to give them one on one with me, I would like to do it more often it's really fun. She sang three songs and she wanted to sing more, she had so much fun and I was very surprised she got up and sang in front of people, well I guess I'm not, she's not scared to have all eyes on her like I am(it terrifies me) . She was a little nervous so she did hold back a little, compared to how she is at home when she sings for us. She sang Miley Cyrus "The Climb" Taylor Swift "Crazier & Forever and always" these are the songs I'm working on with her. I don't sing so I'm gonna have her start to practice with Elise. She always tells me she wants to be on tv, she once told me "Mommy I want to be on the big screen where you go watch movies in the theatre and eat popcorn, and want to be on stage like Taylor Swift" I love to watch her sing and dance, it's so cute and sometimes she has me cracking up with her dancing.

We had so much fun and she was so cute!
Silly girls having fun!