Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dolphin Game

We went to the Dolphins game, they played the Cardinals. They got their butts kicked! It was Ryan's first Dolphin game & everyone knows how much Ryan love's the Dolphins.Too bad they lost. His brother Alan came down with the family.(The guy with the 31 jersey on was some stranger that wanted to take a picture with us) I'm not a real big football fan but it would have been fun to go for a team that actually scored so we could cheer, we pretty much just sat there the whole game while the Cardinal fans went crazy. It was fun until I got peanuts thrown at me. I went to the bathroom & some cardinals fan started saying crap to me then threw peanuts at me! I guess it made him feel more a man to harass a pregnant woman. Haha! it was pretty funny.

Me & my handsome little man
Ohhh so sad..........

At least we got to see a cool truck