Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fun Times

We went camping for labor day weekend with my mom, dad, gabe, & my nephews. We had a blast, the kids loved it. We went hiking, sat around the campfire told scary stories, went to a fish hatchery. We just stayed one night which is long enough when you stay in a tent. It was nice & cool 70-80, a nice escape from the 100 degree weather.
Gianni & Bella sitting by the campfire.

Happy 5Th Birthday Gabriel!! We opened presents when he woke up, ate breakfast. Played with toys. We had his bday party that night at Bounce Jungle. It was soooo nice not have to do anything but show up, have fun & leave. Gabriel loved it, the kids have so much energy.

They were tearing eachother apart in here.

Happy Birthday to Gabriel! My little boy is 5years old! I can't believe it, time goes by too fast. He is such an amazing little boy. He was so excited to turn 5. He thinks he's so big, all morning he was going around the house saying "look mommy I can turn the water on all by myself, I'm taller than the table because I'm 5" he could do all that stuff before.