Saturday, January 30, 2010

A night at the temple

We went to the temple with the family a couple of weeks before chistmas, it's always fun to see the nativity and look at all the beautiful lights and hear the choir. It was a cold night but we were all bundled up in our warm cloths. After we went to my mom's house and had her hot cinnamon tea to warm up.
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December is always so busy and fun. The kids had fun decorating the tree, they took all the ornaments out and put them all on the tree, well as far as they could reach. They took out all the decorations and put them all on the coffee table's, they were covered with cookie jar's (that I have gotten as gifts over the year) santa clause's, peguins and a bunch of other christmas decorations. They were so proud of themselve's, I think we only broke two ornaments from Bella and of course Jeremiah. I left it like that for a couple of days then I went and evened out the ornaments and put a few decorations away. Jeremiah loved the ornaments on the tree, he would keep hitting them like they were punching bags and he loved crawling under the christmas tree and hanging out there, that was his spot all month.

Between our church party and my mom's church party, the mall and school parties we saw Santa like four or five times, maybe more. They could go see him everyday, they wanted to make sure he knew what they wanted for christmas. Gabriel asked for a nintendo DS and Bella asked for a barbie townhouse.

His favorite spot for the month of December.

Every year we decorate a few ornaments and hang them on the tree. I love to look at all the ornaments from the previous years. It kinda make's me sad to see how many we have done already, It make's me realize how fast the years go.

Making the gingerbread house, the kids loved eating all the candy and frosting. All month they kept asking to to eat the gingerbread house but we saved it till after christmas.


When Jeremiah gets a hold of the wipies he'll just pull them out one after the other until somebody stops him or they are all gone so we have to put these somewhere where he can't get them.
The helmet he's wearing is for a flat head( I can't remember the medical term for what it is called) He has torticollis in his neck which is a tight muscle in his neck that he was born with. So since he was born he would only lay on one side of his head because the other side was too uncomfortable for him so that's how he got the flat head. He did have to go to physical therapy for the tight neck muscle so that got better. His head looked kinda funky so this is why he wore the helmet and it corrects his flatness. He adapted to it pretty easy, got a couple of sore's at first but he did pretty good with it. It was hard for me I have to say because I'm used to taking him out and everybody would always comment on how cute he was but when we went out with this on him people would look at him then look away real fast, it made me so sad but that's ok cause I thought he was still so cute with it on.He wore it for 2 1/2 months and it did help, his head doesn't look so wierd. Of course Ryan added the dolphin stripes and logo to it. It was cute! All his little cousins asked why he was wearing the helmet and we would tell them he's a football player or a sumo wrestler.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Bella!

My baby girl turned 4 on November 15th, I can't believe it! On her birthday she opened her presents, ate breakfast then I took her to Glitterbox to have her hair done. She loved it, I have never seen her talk so much to a stranger. She was going on and on to the girl doing her hair, normally she is so shy but she was having so much fun. She got to pick out a dress and some lipgloss. She got the little black and pink dress she is wearing in these pictures. We had her birthday party the following saturday. We rented the princess bounce castle which all the kids had a blast. The girls made a necklace, they loved it! We had a pinata,ate cake and opened presents. It was so much fun, I can't believe how fast she has grown. She thinks she's such a big girl now that she is four. She can't wait to "be big like me" she say's but I tell her to just be happy being a little girl cause when she's big she won't be with me anymore and that made her a little sad. I think she wants to be grown up just so she can wear makeup and paint her fingernails. It will come way too fast for me but I'm sure it will drag on for her. I don't even like to think about the future and when she's older it make's me sad so I just enjoy now and every moment.

These are how we spend our days.

Jeremiah + Spagetti= Giggle's, Smile's and a bath

He was having so much fun eating and playing with his dinner.

This is where me and Bella spend our mornings getting dressed. It's a challenge sometimes to do her hair cause her head is very sensitive and I guess it depends on what mood she is in. We have a lot of fun! On this day we were getting ready for our Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy Birthday Dad! We had dinner at our house outside on this perfect November night.

Gabriel tried really hard to make his little friend Anni laugh but she would just stare at him and roll her eyes. It was so funny! Finally he got a laugh out of her and she wouldn't stop laughing at him. It was so fun to just watch him attempt to make her laugh,he didn't give up until he succeeded, he's love's to be funny and make people laugh.

Gabriel's veteren's day program.


Happy Halloween!
I love Halloween! My three little cuties!

Check out Bella's dance move's!

Playing monster mash freeze tag, this was their favorite, they played this one over and over.

Haha! I think this is why Bella was scared to sleep by herself for the next month. This guys house was all decked out for halloween, he was jumping out and scaring all the kids.

The Ninja's

The Fairy Godmother, Cinderella and the Grim Reaper trick-or-treating.

We had a Halloween party at my mom's house. We had the traditional chili, breadsticks and a whole bunch of junk food. We played musical chairs, potato sack race's, monster mash freeze tag, hot potato(the kids could go on forever playing games) and watched scary movies. It was really fun!

Princess Bella & Sicily

Jeremiah was just staring at Ryan, he's too little to be scared.

At the pumpkin patch searching for the perfect pumpkins. It was a hot day when we went to the pumpkin patch and the kids had so much fun picking out their own pumkins. The kids painted them first then a few days before halloween we carved them. Bella and Gabriel both carved theirs on their own, I was pretty impressed Bella did this by herself.

Updating my blog

We finally figured out that our internet has been the problem, that's why i haven't been able to update my blog. So I will be updating from when I left off. It's been awhile and this is like my journal, I heard you could print your blog into a book so I want to do that. So here goes....

Monday, January 4, 2010

on the hunt for our song of the year...

Since 2007 Ryan and I have chosen our song of the year. The first song was "your guardian angel" by the red jumpsuit, 2nd was "Love the way" by five times august, 3rd "Then" by Brad Paisley. So we are looking once again, it has to be a song we have never heard so if anyone knows of any good love song's send them my way. I know we are cheesy but I love to do this every year, it's fun!