Tuesday, June 21, 2011

End of the year school programs and recitals

I can't believe another school year is over. Gabriel will be going to 2nd grade and Bella will be starting Kindergarten. It's soooo sad! I cannot believe how time passes so quickly. Gabriel didn't make it to his last day of school because he woke up sick, he was kind of bummed but we went and dropped off his teacher's gift to her and it was so sad walking into Gabriel's classroom and the walls were so bare, I seriously wanted to cry. My kids are growing so fast and time just doesn't ever slow down.
Gabriel had his first piano recital which he was so nervous about but he did awesome! They had their end of school year programs and Bella had her dance recitals too. It was a busy couple of weeks but a lot of fun.

Bella did a hip hop dance, she forgot some of the moves but she was so happy and having so much fun on stage. Ryan & Bella did a father/daughter dance together and it was so beautiful. I will try to post the clip later.

Bella's preschool graduation. She isn't very happy about having to go to kindergarten. I asked her why and she said "I already know everything"

Gabriel's recital

Gabriel's piano teacher

Saturday, April 30, 2011

California Love...

Ryan & I went to California for 5days, I have to say I desperatly needed a break! I was on the verge of a breakdown and Ryan had to convince me to go with him(he did go down there for business) I didn't want to go for 5 days but it turned out to be so relaxing. Ryan has always wanted to go deep sea fishing but I have always been too afraid and have always said no. But my motto for 2011 is "Be More Adventurous" so I said ok and Ryan jumped on that and booked the fishing trip before I changed my mind. So we get on the boat and started heading out to sea, farther and farther away from land and I surprised myself because I was not even scared or paniced at all(like I always pictured myself to be) we had a really good time and caught 6 fish. A seagull pooped on my head but luckily I was wearing a hat, it would have been so gross if I wasn't wearing a hat and it would have definetly ruined the trip but I just laughed and told Ryan of course it happens to me. We went shopping in San Diego and went to this restaurant called Dicks(ryan picked it out)which was pretty funny but if your too serious of a person and is easily offended then you would hate this restaurant. We walked in and the waitress comes up to us "What do you want! follow me." then she sat us down. I was thinking maybe she's having a bad day. There was trash all over the floor, bra's hung up on the bar and signed by random people. Ryan asked for a pepsi and she didn't bring it the first time so Ryan asked for it again and she looks at him all annoyed.The third time Ryan asked for it she said "I f*%# hate you!"then walked away, So finally she come's and slams the pepsi on the table and throws straws at Ryan's face. It was so hillarious! Our whole time sitting at the resaurant all the waiter's and waitresses were being rude to the customers. So it was funny to just sit back and watch.

We went hiking at Torrey Pines National Park, it was so beautiful to hike down to the beach. We also went shopping on Balboa Island where they had the best boutique's, after shopping we had lunch on the pier and just layed on the beach. Our plan was to go skydiving in California, I have always wanted to do this and we never did when we were first married because we didn't have the money and then after having kids everyone would talk me out of it saying what if I died and how sad that would be for my kids. But this year was to be adventurous and get over my fears so I was going for it. I got the information for skydiving in CA, when we checked into the hotel and I turned on the tv they had a story on the news of two skydivers whose parachutes collided then tangled and fell to their death. I was thinking are you serious! why did I have to see this, this is a sign & there is no way I am going skydiving! I still want to go badly but I am back in fear mode of dying and leaving my kids without a mother. So honestly I will let my fear get the best of me and will probally never go skydiving. That's ok, there are tons of other things I can do.

It was a fun getaway and I Love Ryan and I love to be alone with him we have a blast together. Can't wait for the next getaway.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My baby turned 2!

I cannot believe my baby is two! That is what I call him "my baby" and that is what he refers to himself as, he'll point to himself and say "my baby" but since he is getting older he will sometimes say "Jeremiah's"

"My baby" is definetly what he is more so than Gabriel & Bella. Since he was hospitalized 1year ago I have totally babied him like crazy. I can't help it, when he was so sick and I thought the worse and still think about how I felt I just want to scoop him up in my arms and protect him from any harm or tears. I am so thankful for his little sweet spirit. We celebrated his birthday with a little birthday dinner with the family, we had his favorite pizza. He got a little radio flyer car with a little track/ramp that he ride's down, the first time he rode it he was hesitant and hit his little mouth on the steering wheel because he let go then cried and wouldn't get back on it. He did eventually get back on and loved it. Jeremiah love's to read books, I mean he will sit there and look at the pages to see every detail, he love's to sing and dance. His favorite song is "baby" by justin beiber & he still sings jingle bells. Happy Birthday little Jeremiah you make my heart melt everyday.

I drew this picture and Ryan scanned it into the computer and made it look better & added color.

He loved hitting the pinata.

Make a wish!

I snapped a picture of him saying the prayer, it's too cute!

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Years 2011

This New Years we were excited because fireworks were legalized so we went to buy fireworks around 5pm and waited in line for about 40 minutes, well ryan and gabriel did, me, bella and jeremiah went to wait in the car. it was so cold! I swear it hasn't been that cold since I moved here. It was probally 30degree's. We went and had pizza at my mom's and waited till midnight to light the fireworks. All we heard all night from the kids is "when are we going to light the fireworks?" The kids had so much fun with the sparklers and all the other fireworks, Orlando bought some fireworks for us too. Gabriel stood back from the fireworks while the other kids were running around the fireworks going off. He's always been afraid of fire. Jeremiah was asleep by midnight so he didn't see them. On new years day we went up to our friends Sara & Pete Goodman's cabin(pinetop) to play in the snow for a couple of days. It was so fun, my kids could stay out in the snow all day. They went sledding and made a snowman with Orlando & Jessica. They were on their way home from spending new years eve up in pinetop so they came and spent a few hours with us on their way home. It was really fun and beautiful up there.

Funny Face's

My kids love to make us laugh especialy Gabriel. We were sitting at dinner and Gabriel and Bella were showing us their funny face's, I was cracking up and then Jeremiah said "mommy, daddy watch this" and this is his funny face below. He is always copying Gabriel and Bella. It was so funny! My kids are always making me laugh, they are so wonderful and life would be so boring without them. I can't remember how sitting at the dinner table with just me and Ryan was. Probally so quiet and uninterrupted conversations but I don't remember. All I know now is goofiness, loudness and of course fighting. Life is so amazing!

Christmas 2010

Christmas was fun and all my kids were healthy thank goodness! the past years they have always been sick on christmas, at least one of them. The kids woke up on their own this year, we normally have to wake them up but they woke up at 7:30am. They were so excited and it was fun to watch them open their presents. Jeremiah opened his megablocks first then didn't want to open anymore presents. The kids would pass the presents to him and he would push them away and say "NO!" It was so cute. We normally go eat breakfast at my moms house on christmas morning but this year we stayed home and ate breakfast and relaxed at home until about 3pm then went to my mom's.

Christmas Eve at my moms house. Gabriel and Bella didn't want to put their christmas outfits on and take pictures. Jeremiah saying "cheese!"

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bella Never Grow Up... The Big 5

November 15th was Bella's birthday and we had a blast. First off the night before I told Bella about the day she was born and she is so full of questions(more so than Gabriel ever was at 5 years old) This is how the conversation went after I told her the story: Bella- "Mommy how did they get me out of your tummy?" I thought to myself well she was a c-section so I can tell her how the doctors took her out. So I responded: "The doctors cut my stomach open and took you out" Bella: "How did they cut your stomach open?"

Me:"With a small knife called a scalpo" and I showed her the scar. Then I looked up at her cute little face and her chin was quivering and she had a frown and was trying to hold her tears in and said "Mommy I don't want them to do that to me!" Me:"Bella don't even worry about that, they aren't going to do that to you" Bella:"Yes they are when I get bigger and become a mommy!" and then the tears rolled down her cheek. I guess it was too much information for her genius little mind. It took a hug and a tickle attack to calm her down and forget about it. Then I tucked her in and said goodnight to my four year old :( I snapped her picture after she fell asleep.

Bella was insistent on wearing her purple dressup dress out to her birthday dinner because she wanted to be fancy. So I told her she needed to wear pants and a shirt so this is what she came up with. She added the lace's to her shoes. We went to the cheesecake factory,her choice because she wanted to eat at a "fancy place." I even offered chucke cheeses or peter piper pizza but she declined.
This picture makes me cry everytime I see it because they look so big. I don't know how they got so big so fast.

After we dropped Gabriel off at school and put Jeremiah down for a nap(she skipped school) I curled her hair and I put on Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber and she danced and sang for me and I video recorded her and took pictures. I pretended it was a concert and I was introducing her and she wanted me to introduce her as Taylor Swift, the ottoman was her stage and she was dancing on it and fell backwards and got stuck between the tv and ottoman upside down, it was the funniest thing, I got it on video and I have a picture of her legs sticking up in the air but her panties are showing so I didn't post it. She was laughing at first but then the laughing turned into tears. So everytime we watch it she gets embarressed and cries.

Bella got Taylor Swift CD for her birthday and we were listening to it and this song came on that brought tears to my eyes(I cry a lot) it's called Never Grow Up and it was the perfect song for how I was feeling about my baby girl turning 5. The first part goes like this:
"Your little hands wrapped around my finger and it's so quiet in the world tonight, your little eyelids flutter cause you're dreaming so I tuck you in, turn on your favorite night light. To you everything is funny, you got nothing to regret. I'd give all I have honey if you could stay like that. Oh darling don't you every grow up just stay this little. It could stay this simple. I won't let nobody hurt you, won't let no one break your heart and no one will desert you. just try to never grow up." the rest of the song is really sweet too.
I still can't believe she is 5, this little girl is so fun to be around and I am so lucky to be her mom. Happy Birthday Bells!


The Big 5