Thursday, February 18, 2010

THE SNOW.... So beautiful!

Our friends Terri & Shawn invited us up to their cabin in Pinetop the week of New Years Eve. The kids were sooooo excited to see the snow, it was their first time. Gabriel absolutely loved the snow! He didn't want to come inside, he would have stayed out and played all day but I was cold. It was fun, I haven't seen the snow for 4-5years so it was really nice. Bella played outside for about 20minutes then she was done, she said it was too cold. We went sledding twice and that was a blast! I loved watching Gabriel drag the sled up the hill and going down, he finally just started sliding down in his snowsuit,he thought it was the coolest thing and couldn't stop laughing. Bella played for a little bit then went in the car and watched Hannah Montana. It was a lot more scarier then I remember going down those hills, I guess when your a kid you have no fear. I did go to the top and went down, I was so scared of falling off but I never did. I just went on the tube's or the airmattress's, they are a lot smoother then the plastic sleds (those one's just throw you around, I saw kids wiping out big time and getting back up and going again.CRAZY!) The mountains were beautiful, it started snowing when we were up sledding and it was gorgeous. It was nice to go to the snow but even nicer to come home to warmer weather. I have alot more picture's which I'm going to post on my facebook so check it out.

Making a snowmen, they never finished the snow was too powdery.


He was trying to touch the snow and got frustrated cause he couldn't because of his gloves.

Christmas Day.

On christmas eve we got home about 11pm so Bella and Jeremiah fell asleep on the way home & Gabriel put some cookies out for santa, he was so excited. Of course christmas morning Ryan & I were the first one's awake, we are just so excited for the kids so around 8am we finally woke up the kids (our kids have never woken up before us on christmas, it's crazy cause Ryan & I remember when we were kids how we couldn't sleep and then we used to wake up so early, maybe when they are a little older they will do that). They were so excited opening their presents. Poor little Jeremiah was sick so he wanted to go back to bed. Gabriel was so happy to get his Nintendo DS and Bella got her barbie townhouse(it's so fun!) I kept taking Gabriel's nintendo ds from him and he told me I need to get my own, it's pretty fun to play with. After opening presents and playing for awhile we went to my mom's house for my dad's breakfast, he make's the best waffles! We hung out there for awhile went home and took naps and played some more then back to my mom's house for our Christmas dinner. I can't believe another christmas has passed!

Can you find Jeremiah?

My poor little guy was sick on his first christmas.

He was so happy, can you tell?

Bella was still half asleep.

Christmas Eve

We spent christmas eve at my mom's house of course eating yummy food. We did a nativity scene with the kids but it was hard to get our kids to sit still. They were still so cute, they sang the nativity song and Bella memorized her little part and sang it so dang cute with no fear.We always have a little talent show too which is so fun to watch everyone. Abish played the piano, Marisol sang a song, Abuelo sang a song of course(he's so cute) Alessia played the violin, Gianni and Bella sang.
The picture above is me and my siblings. My little brother on the far right Gabriel is only 14 and I think he is going to pass us all up. He's already taller than me! No fair.

Bella was the angel and here she is singing her part.


So cute!

Christmas Programs

Both Gabriel and Bella had Christmas programs and they were so fun to watch. Gabriel's class sang a song about a donkey (I never heard it before) it was really cute, he was a little nervous, he did sing some of the songs but he's not the singing type and he's more like me, he doesn't like to speak in front of people(it's so scary) Bella sang and danced to a couple of songs, she was shy at first but then she started to feel a little more comforable after the first song. She's the opposite of me, she love's to sing and dance for people. She love's to be the center of attention.