Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Jeremiah!

My little baby boy turned 1 on January 18th! We were planning to have his birthday party at my mom's house and rented a bounce house and had games and food planned but it had rained the whole week before his party and when it rains here in Arizona it rains all day and all night, so my moms backyard was flooded and I didn't think she would appreciate the kids running and playing in the mud puddles then going into her house so I called around a few places but the only place that had anything available was peter piper pizza and I couldn't reschedule cause my inlaws flew in for his party. I love peter piper pizza but on a saturday it was crazy busy! We had fun, Jeremiah's favorite food at the moment is pizza, just like his mom. I did curious george themed party because he is my little monkey. I will most likely do this theme again next year because I have stuff that I bought that I didn't get to use.
Jeremiah wasn't walking on his own yet on his birthday, he would walk holding on to things. He is a speed crawler and gets around pretty fast. His vocabulary consists of mama, Bella, no, thank you, here you go. He copy's everything you say if you ask him too, he's so smart.

This is Jeremiah's favorite spot, once he see's the dishwasher open he is right there climbing on the door or taking all the dishes out and handing them to me.

My poor little guy spent the month of january(his birthday month) trying to get over his bronchiolitis. We went to the dr's, instacare and ER, it took him awhile to get over it. He got this when he was 3months. I hate the winter season, my kids always get sick!