Sunday, August 23, 2009

My crafty side

I love having a little girl, they are so fun to shop for and my little Bella is so fun to go shopping with. We are soulmates, she love's all the little accesories so I started making them for her and she absolutely loves them! The hello kitty bow took me forever but I thinks it's so cute. I'm not really crafty but I'm starting to sew and do little girly stuff like this. It's so fun and I love to see Bella so happy. Gabriel is always asking me why I don't make him anything and I tell him little boys don't wear bows or flowers or hairclips. I need to find something to make him. I'll probally just make him another superhero cape.

First Day of School

Bella started preschool and Gabriel started kindergarden(all day) They were both very excited for school. I wasn't going to put Bella in preschool but she wanted to go so bad and I found a dance studio that did both dance and preschool in one. So that is why Bella is wearing her dance outfit, they do dance for about an hour then they have preschool and she absolutely love's it! Her teacher's names are Miss Peggy and Miss Tia but if you ask her she'll tell you her teacher's name is Miss Piggy. Gabriel is doing great also, he does say it is long. One day I picked him up he came running in from recess and was holding a little girl's hand. I asked him who was the little girl he was holding hands with and he said " I wasn't holding anyone's hand" I said you can tell me, why were you holding her hand. he said " Cause she's my friend and that's what friends do" he also told me that she hugs him a lot. I'm so happy for them but they are growing up too fast!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Ryan celebrated his 31st birthday on July 20th. He had a news interview, which I posted already, the morning of his birthday. He says he wasn't nervous just excited and he and my mom did a great job. 12 News contacted him for an interview after AZ republic did an article on the business.Good job babe! We went to canyon lake and it was so hot but so much fun. The kids had a blast like always. We also went bowling, Gabriel and Bella love to bowl. Bella would throw her little arms up and scream everytime the ball would eventually hit the pins. Gabriel had a little dance when he would knock some pins down.Happy Birthday Ryan! I hope you had a good one.

It took forever for Bella's ball to finally get to the pins.

Gabriel doing his victory dance
another dance after knocking the pins down
She would get so excited even if it was a few pins. She would run up to Ryan and I and give us high five's.