Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gabriel's Baseball

Gabriel is in baseball and he love's it. He has a game every saturday, it's so fun that we have something to look forward to do as a family on saturday's. The season is almost over but he will play again in the spring. He really wants to play football but it makes me so nervous. I talked to one mom and she said on her son's league one boy was paralyzed and there have been some broken bone's also. That freaks me out! That doesn't sound like fun to me but he probally will play in the fall, that's his favorite sport.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I can't post pic's!!

For some reason I can't post any pic's on my blog or facebook. I am so frustrated cause I don't get much time to get on here and when I do my computer is screwed up. I'll figure it out eventually or Ryan will. So picture's are soon to come. On another note I'm excited for New Moon to come out this week! I Can't wait to see it. So I finally reached 20miles last week in my training for Rock N Roll Marathon, I never thought I could run that much! It was such an amazing feeling to finish that! I love running on saturday's there are so many people out running or riding bike's and everyone is happy everyone say's hi, wave's or smile's at everyone, definetly different than your everyday life when people avoid eye contact or are in such a rush and so grumpy. That's a bonus to running saturday morning, smiling is contagious, I love it. :)