Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My baby turned 2!

I cannot believe my baby is two! That is what I call him "my baby" and that is what he refers to himself as, he'll point to himself and say "my baby" but since he is getting older he will sometimes say "Jeremiah's"

"My baby" is definetly what he is more so than Gabriel & Bella. Since he was hospitalized 1year ago I have totally babied him like crazy. I can't help it, when he was so sick and I thought the worse and still think about how I felt I just want to scoop him up in my arms and protect him from any harm or tears. I am so thankful for his little sweet spirit. We celebrated his birthday with a little birthday dinner with the family, we had his favorite pizza. He got a little radio flyer car with a little track/ramp that he ride's down, the first time he rode it he was hesitant and hit his little mouth on the steering wheel because he let go then cried and wouldn't get back on it. He did eventually get back on and loved it. Jeremiah love's to read books, I mean he will sit there and look at the pages to see every detail, he love's to sing and dance. His favorite song is "baby" by justin beiber & he still sings jingle bells. Happy Birthday little Jeremiah you make my heart melt everyday.

I drew this picture and Ryan scanned it into the computer and made it look better & added color.

He loved hitting the pinata.

Make a wish!

I snapped a picture of him saying the prayer, it's too cute!

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Wow! 2 already? It's crazy how time just flies by.
Happy Birthday Jeremiah!

You need to post more often. I miss reading and seeing pictures.

Think you'll make it to Utah this Summer? If so I would love to get together with the kids.