Saturday, April 30, 2011

California Love...

Ryan & I went to California for 5days, I have to say I desperatly needed a break! I was on the verge of a breakdown and Ryan had to convince me to go with him(he did go down there for business) I didn't want to go for 5 days but it turned out to be so relaxing. Ryan has always wanted to go deep sea fishing but I have always been too afraid and have always said no. But my motto for 2011 is "Be More Adventurous" so I said ok and Ryan jumped on that and booked the fishing trip before I changed my mind. So we get on the boat and started heading out to sea, farther and farther away from land and I surprised myself because I was not even scared or paniced at all(like I always pictured myself to be) we had a really good time and caught 6 fish. A seagull pooped on my head but luckily I was wearing a hat, it would have been so gross if I wasn't wearing a hat and it would have definetly ruined the trip but I just laughed and told Ryan of course it happens to me. We went shopping in San Diego and went to this restaurant called Dicks(ryan picked it out)which was pretty funny but if your too serious of a person and is easily offended then you would hate this restaurant. We walked in and the waitress comes up to us "What do you want! follow me." then she sat us down. I was thinking maybe she's having a bad day. There was trash all over the floor, bra's hung up on the bar and signed by random people. Ryan asked for a pepsi and she didn't bring it the first time so Ryan asked for it again and she looks at him all annoyed.The third time Ryan asked for it she said "I f*%# hate you!"then walked away, So finally she come's and slams the pepsi on the table and throws straws at Ryan's face. It was so hillarious! Our whole time sitting at the resaurant all the waiter's and waitresses were being rude to the customers. So it was funny to just sit back and watch.

We went hiking at Torrey Pines National Park, it was so beautiful to hike down to the beach. We also went shopping on Balboa Island where they had the best boutique's, after shopping we had lunch on the pier and just layed on the beach. Our plan was to go skydiving in California, I have always wanted to do this and we never did when we were first married because we didn't have the money and then after having kids everyone would talk me out of it saying what if I died and how sad that would be for my kids. But this year was to be adventurous and get over my fears so I was going for it. I got the information for skydiving in CA, when we checked into the hotel and I turned on the tv they had a story on the news of two skydivers whose parachutes collided then tangled and fell to their death. I was thinking are you serious! why did I have to see this, this is a sign & there is no way I am going skydiving! I still want to go badly but I am back in fear mode of dying and leaving my kids without a mother. So honestly I will let my fear get the best of me and will probally never go skydiving. That's ok, there are tons of other things I can do.

It was a fun getaway and I Love Ryan and I love to be alone with him we have a blast together. Can't wait for the next getaway.